Vote SHAOLI WANG For Mayor
October 18 2021
2021 Property tax sale list - City of Calgary Mid-Pandemic Tax Sale

What I Will

Be a government, act like a government, of the people, by the people, and for the people and not just powerful special interests and their lobbyists.

Government should not be a heavy hand, government should be a helping hand.


As can be seen in this chart, off scale issues will be adjusted:

  1. Roll back Mayor's pay by 20% from 2019 level
  2. Halt the Green Line
  3. Secure frontline service, freeze hiring, cut pay and expense, shed off overstaffing
  4. Restore Police Pride. Hold up 10% CPS budget and bind it with crime rate reversely, direct police reports and CPS complaints to the City, add City as interested party to proceedings involving CPS, work with CPS toward community policing, prioritize NE community
  5. Take full liability to fix the Crescent Height lead pipe within a year
  6. Apologize to the SW community and Ready to Engage, initiate a 12-community-based binding plebiscite for destiny of the 14th street BRT
  7. Leave speed limit to communities and their councils
  8. Review issues with former Midfield Mobile Home Park residents
  9. Initiate motion to ease the burden of homeowners who need immediate support
  10. Halt Calgary Municipal Land Corporation's expanding and renovation projects
  11. Review CTCC- Calgary Telus Convention Centre, AHCC- Attainable Homes Calgary Corp., CPA -- Calgary Parking Authority, CMLC - Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, CED -- Calgary Economic Development Ltd., and CADA -Calgary Arts Development Authority Ltd.
  12. Work with provincial government on provincial property tax
  13. Review water and sewer and waste disposal cost
  14. Lower city's debt by $200 million annually
  15. Lower City's expenses 12% by 2023, 17% by 2025 from 2019 level
  16. Drop residential property tax 15% by 2023, 23.5% by 2025 from 2019 level
  17. Drop non-residential property tax 20% by 2023, 26% by 2025 from 2019 level
  18. Initiate a "seniors property tax credit" of $20,000 property value from 2022.
  19. Reinvest in the underfunded local media.