To establish an Integrity and Ethics Office under the public's cost does not enrich you with any Accountability.

Let me respectfully educate this City Hall what accountability is, until October 18, there is so much you could do than to create a symbolic Office with an unfit name:

  1. Do not label your ego with things it does not have.

  2. Roll back your own pay when it goes too much off scale.

  3. Roll back your golden pension to the Edmonton level at least.

  4. Apologize to the SW community you had bullied.

  5. Apologize to Ready to Engage you had defamed.

  6. Shed off those you had over hired during this economic downturn.

  7. Apologize to the Crescent Height community for failing to fix the lead pipes.

  8. Apologize for the nearly a quarter million-dollar poop palace

  9. Apologize for the nearly half a million-dollar annoying Blue Ring

  10. Apologize for the half million-dollar eyesore Bowfort Tower.

  11. Apologize for wasting millions to chase the Winter Olympic bid.

  12. Apologize for wasting hundreds of millions to push for the Green Line even after we were already in the middle of a global pandemic.

  13. Apologize for your go nowhere luxurious Peace Bridge.

  14. Apologize for wrongfully alleged that "The Olympic is an amazing deal for Calgary."

  15. Apologize for falsely alleged that "This is the very best time to build infrastructure."

  16. Apologize for lyingly alleged for this many years that "We have increased property taxes by much less than the rate of inflation and population growth."

There is just too much you can do to show accountability if you could simply drop the ego. Collectively you failed. Carrying a big Accountability Sign does not entitle your ego with a sense of it.

Honesty, judgement, accountability, persuasiveness, respectfulness, humility, public interest standing, courage, no ego.

Lack of any, we suffer. Too many of our leaders failed this test. While we the shareholders always find ourselves making tough decisions between bad apples from the same package. I feel our pain, and I refuse to knowingly pick any bad apples, and I am offering you the same option I have, here I am.