Public-private partnership framework and guideline [2020]

Alberta’s Public-Private Partnership Framework and Guideline is a document intended to be used as a guide for potential public-private partnership (P3) procurement.


1.1 - Introduction

Alberta’s Public-Private Partnership Framework and Guideline is intended to be used as a guide within the Government of Alberta (GOA) in assessing capital projects for potential public-private partnerships (P3) procurement and, after the appropriate approvals, in procuring a capital project as a P3. This Framework and Guideline outlines Alberta’s principles for P3s and the assessment and procurement principles for P3 projects. The P3 principles are consistent with and should be used with Alberta’s Capital Planning Manual that guides the capital planning process. This Framework and Guideline is designed to assist GOA public servants and elected officials with assessing potential P3 projects and delivering them in accordance with established practices in the province.

1.2 - Applicability

This Framework and Guideline applies for P3 projects of GOA ministries and Supported Infrastructure Organizations (SIOs) that:

 Meet certain conditions to consider P3 as the ‘preferred’ approach;

 require GOA capital and/or operating financial support;

 Involve private financing;

 are for the provision of capital assets; and

 may have associated long term services

The Province will provide advisory services to Post-Secondary institutions, municipalities, housing authorities and other not-for-profit organizations requesting provincial funding to protect the financial interest of the Province. These entities are encouraged to follow these principles to guide their P3 projects.

1.3 - Development

This Framework and Guideline replaces the Treasury Board and Finance (TBF) 2011 P3 Framework and Guidelines. This document has been updated by the Public-Private Partnerships Office (P3O) within Alberta Infrastructure and includes significant input from ministries with P3 experience.

1.4 - Layout

This Framework and Guideline is divided into seven sections and 14 appendices:

1.0 Introduction to Alberta’s P3 Framework and Guideline

Explains the Framework and Guideline’s purpose, identifies departmental contacts, and provides information on amendments.

2.0 Public-Private Partnerships in Alberta Provides a definition of public-private partnerships (P3s), how P3s came to be used by the GOA and provides an overview of the characteristics of a traditional procurement approach and a P3 approach.

3.0 Public-Private Partnership Management Frameworks Provides the framework

Objectives and a brief overview of the P3 frameworks and their integration with the capital planning framework.

4.0 Public-Private partnership principles

Sets out the principles that guide the assessment and procurement of P3 projects. The frameworks are consistent with the principles, but when the frameworks do not provide specific guidance, the principles will lead P3 decisions.

5.0 Management Framework: Assessment Process

Sets out the assessment process to evaluate capital projects for P3 potential. There are three main steps in the assessment process: an initial assessment, an Opportunity Paper and a Business Case.

6.0 Management Framework: Procurement Process

Sets out the procurement process for Alberta public-private partnership projects.

7.0 Unsolicited Proposal

Provides an overview and the purpose for Unsolicited Proposals (USPs). Appendices Contains policy documents, committee Terms of Reference, templates, and processes which support public-private partnerships (see Table of Contents for a complete list).