Government by Angels

We fell into a recession since late 2014, while bad luck never come alone, our ambitious Mayor and many of the Councils became so vigorous to chase the 2026 Winter Olympic with the wired belief that "The Olympic is not a good deal for Calgary, it is an amazing deal for Calgary" when downtown vacancy rate reached 30 per cent.

Thank God we had Provincial Government by Angels, premier Rachel Notley, on guard, it ended up so near a miss.

Thank you so much!

Everyone could have a different reason to vote for it or have a concern to vote against it. Above its billion-dollar cost during a recession, my bigger concern was the Olympics' notorious budget overrun.

Since last year we got another blow from the global pandemic, the whole country was mostly in a lock down, while our bold Mayor and daring Councils acted again, they firstly broke their promise to leave the Arena deal to a plebiscite and signed the $300 million for nothing deal behind the closed door; Secondly, they pushed harder for a go nowhere Green Line with literally no budget plan, pre-spent more than $600 million without a tangible plan, with an even more wired belief that "this is the very best time to build infrastructure" when 11 per cent Calgary household were unable to pay our property tax bills and the whole country is in a lock down, and today when I write it down here on February 22, 2021, City of Calgary listed 536 homes for foreclosure, one of them is my neighbor whose door I had knocked right before the pandemic.

Through these two projects, Calgarian lost a total of $900 million in 2020. Thank God again we have our Provincial Government by Angels, Minister Ric McIver and Premier Jason Kenney, on guard, only to leave our spending Mayor and Councils furiously stomping their feet.

Thank you so very much!

While we must be aware that we are still on the hook.

There may not be a chance for a binding plebiscite any time soon, this election is likely the only chance for Calgarians to have a say and the only chance to clean up the spenders in our City Hall. Let us make no mistakes, please refer to the Indexes presented here in this website, make sure you have your own assessment regarding Council's Spending Index, Risk Index, Public Interest Standing Index, Accountability Index and Public Trust & Confidence Index, I would believe those indexes may help you pick a better apple than the one a few years ago.

Greatest thanks to our Provincial Government by Angels!

May God bless Albertans!