I'm a member of the public, my name is Shaoli Wang, I love LRT and I don't drive.

For the Green Line, I'd like to take this chance and share my sight regarding Airport, ridership, greenhouse gas, jobs, and affordability.

  1. Airport, Future connection to Calgary International Airport, May I please feel to link the airport through a BRT is not equivalent to LRT to Airport, it means no LRT to the airport for long.

  2. Ridership

It serves 65,000 LRT customers, and saves 10,000 hour a day,

That means 23.7million ridership per year, or 22% riders of the whole city. To save 5 minutes each over BRT, every rider would need to take full length trip, while still it could save only 5400 hours.

So, a decent estimate would be 15,000 ridership and save up to 600 hours a day.

Calgary's population increased 11% between 2013 and 2019. Ridership dropped 1% during the same time, that means we may not simply estimate ridership based on population.

  1. It will save 30,000 tons of Greenhouse gas emissions a year:

That will need 17,123 drivers to walk out of their car and take a full Green Line round trip everyday, which means 12.5m new ridership. And that will be a 12% increase from the 2019 level. While my concern is net increase of ridership may not necessarily happen any time soon.

  1. 20,000 jobs

The 2.5 km tunnel plus 4 stations will cost $2.44b other than the estimated $1.95b, 50% of the $4.9b budget, and this part of the project will be provided to foreign companies, that means 50% jobs. How many of the rest 10,000 jobs could be provided to Calgarians is yet to be known.

  1. Green Line Affordability:

As the Blue Line west's cost was $182 million/km, the rest 26km of the green line may cost $4.73b, Green Line total cost may be $10.23b, Calgarians' direct share may be $6.89b, or (501365 household) $13,742 per household. That'll be $458 per household per year for 30 years.

None of the above have the pandemic's impact or interest, inflation considered. When we plan for tomorrow, I would like to take the position that tomorrow can be positive and can be negative.

I would believe none of our 536 families listed on this Mid Pandemic Tax Sale of May 31, 2021 would be ready to pay their Green Line share should they have their homes saved.

And few, if any, of our 55,000 families who were unable to pay our 2020 property tax, would be ready to pay their share, should they have their homes saved from mortgage companies.

As to those many of us who got hit hard by this pandemic, another painful number might be on the way.

I take the onus to ask our City to please halt this Green Line so that to save our 55,000 families already on the hook, and cancel the Tax Sale on May 31, 2021.

To our 90,000 southeast community residents, I understand you may have waited this Green Line for over 20 years, but please think of our 160,000 fellow Calgarians struggling in this crisis, can I please ask if we can wait 5 more years?

My name is Shaoli Wang, I love LRT and I don't drive. Thank you!