What I Will Not

  1. I will not have our frontline civil servants endure the cut fat deserves.

  2. I will not leave Crescent Height residents with lead contaminated water any longer.

  3. I will not leave our 14th st SW communities suffer the pain brought by the City any longer.

  4. I will not forget Midfield Mobile Home Park residents

  5. I will not forget our vulnerable seniors victimized by over taxation

  6. I will not forget the debt city owns to our small businesses due over taxation.

  7. I will not abandon our property tax crushed homeowners.

  8. I will not tolerate our citizens being forced into court by a piece of meritless parking ticket.

  9. I will not leave our crime troubled NE neighbourhood helpless any longer.

  10. I will not allow police pride fading away from town.

  11. I will not tolerate any city officials to believe themselves outsmart the public they fear

  12. I will not allow morally failed civil servant to be served with any pay cheque from city.

  13. I will not omit any legal rights we are entitled with to hold a bully accountable.

  14. I will not veto any plebiscite

  15. I will not vote any plebiscite into non-binding

  16. I will not allow any fixed contract to be broken upon taxpayer's cost

  17. I will not dig a hole before a tangible accountable plan got signed on the table.

  18. I will not allow our hard-earned tax dollars to end up any kind of eyesore in town.

  19. I will not raise tax upon anyone or any business

  20. I will not allow tax sneak into your home under the cover of any kind of city's bill.

  21. I will not let any novel tax make our city home.

  22. I will not irresponsibly blame provincial government or anyone else.

  23. I will not allow accountability stay ghostly intangible in this city hall any longer.

  24. I will not allow public trust and confidence being flushed into the sewage.

  25. I will not fail a single of my words all come from heart.