Why I Run

I don't feel my experience of entrepreneurship back in my hometown very much related, and my background of geoscientist may not sound attractive either. And I was, like everyone of us, complaining about the ever-rising property tax year after year, never ever dare to think if this qualification gap be traversable. While things do change at a point, the city hall's jaw-dropping chase of the 2026 winter Olympics made me feel betrayed, and its adamant commitment to the Green Line in the conjunction of an economic downturn and a global pandemic lock down kicked me out of my world.

When one day I cautiously opened the city's foreclosure webpage, naming "2021 Property tax sale list", knowing that it takes 3 years before a foreclosure being triggered, still, 536 homes were found listed there coldly, including one of my neighbours, and I had knocked their door right before the pandemic. The inexplicable pain overwhelmed me, the trouble my neighbour is facing hurt me, a neighbour's defenselessness to his castle ruined my pride, the pride of being a citizen, a man's motionlessness witnessing a neighbour losing their home humiliated me, my lung stopped breathing, my heart stopped beating, slowly, my pain turned into anger, the anger overcame my fear, don't tell me I can't again, I knew I can, I knew the problem for so long, and I knew how to fix it, I have to do what I have to do, I can't afford to witness one more proud Calgarian facing what Mr. Syed is facing.

Our problem is not being that anybody in our city is undertaxed, it's that the City Hall has been overspending too much for too long. We must act in this election, fix our problem in this city hall. I have my plan to fix it, I have the guts needed to fix it, and I take the onus to fix it, every one of my words count.

I run this election as my own man, and I want you to see me for who I really am. For those of you who would feel I may not be the most exciting politician, you are right, I will not, and I may not even be an average politician because I am in the position that a Mayor should be a public servant, a guardian of his/her citizens, no more no less. I will hold the public interest standing, walk my talk, and prove you your trust worth it.